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Essential Fitness & Spa Services

Our gymnasium is equipped with the latest generation apparatus that Technogym has to offer.
During your workout on our elliptical machines you can enjoy a view of our golf course, one of the most scenic on the Algarve.


Come in and have fun!  Essential Fitness & Spa's popular water aerobics classes focus on cardiovascular and strength benefits. Whether you are trying to maintain your current fitness level or reach a new level, the advantage of water training makes our aquatic exercises safe and fun with no impact on your joints.


YOGA - means UNION of the mind and body with the help of breath awareness and asanas wherein the physical will be balanced with the mental and spiritual powers.
These classes slowly introduce students to the true essence of Yoga by means of Asanas (postures to stretch and align the body), Pranayamas (breathing techniques), Mudras (finger asanas that stimulate the flow of energy within the body), Yoga nidra (relaxation techniques).
Yoga is for everyone as each asana can be adapted in stages to each individual.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a great form of exercise for people of all ages.   Exercise experts say that swimming one kilometre is equivalent to running four kilometres.   Swimming trains your breath control, which is great for those who want to increase their stamina.   Our heated indoor pool is the perfect place to learn or improve your swimming techniques.   You can choose to take one-on-one or group lessons according to your skills and availability. For advanced swimmers, our swim club will be a challenge.


Capable of stimulating all areas of your body and muscle groups, this activity involves both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, combining strength and physical techniques that help you focus on your goal. Therefore compelling you, not only,  to become more active but also giving strength to face your personal and professional day to day life.

ABS & Strech

ABS & Stretch improves balance, mobility as well as body awareness.
Ideal for preventing injuries and adapting to various situation in your day to day life.


A method of physical exercise and stretching, using body weight, has various benefits to those who perform this method.
Traditional Pilates consists of exercises that work the whole body and are characterized for losing weight, toning up and strengthening those who participate.

Essential Pump

The Essential Pump is a class that uses weights to strengthen and tone the whole body.  It is the perfect class to help towards weight loss due to the amount of calories burnt.
Other benefits are improvement of posture, cardio activity, increase of muscle resistance, strengthens bones, flexibility and coordination.
During the winter, there are walking tours every week to discover the western Algarve. The meeting point is at the car park next to the Football Pitch. The tours take 2h30 hours in average and are of medium difficulty.
Anyone for tennis? We have two courts where you can enjoy a game with your family and friends.
If you want a lesson, our Professional is available, upon reservation, for one-to-one or group lessons.
Balls and racquets can rented.

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