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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy aims describes how the Quinta da Boavista - Tourist Enterprises SA . proced and the processing of personal data and to list the rights of the data subject in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April of 2016.
The aforementioned Regulation establishes rules regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of their personal data and the free movement of such data.

The data that are actually processed and the way they are used will depend essentially on which of the services / products requested and the respective processing purposes.

Quinta da Boavista - Empreendimentos Turísticos, SA will take care of providing all relevant information under the terms resulting from the Regulation. For specific products or services, Quinta da Boavista - Empreendimentos Turísticos, SA may provide additional information.

The Quinta da Boavista - Tourist Enterprises SA ensures the processing of personal data in the strictest respect for individual rights and the existing legal regime.

The processing of personal data is carried out to the extent necessary to pursue the corporate purpose of Quinta da Boavista - Empreendimentos Turísticos, SA and to maintain a high standard of service.

1. Who is the entity responsible for processing data and who is the holder of the data must contact on this topic?

Quinta da Boavista - Empreendimentos Turísticos, SA (hereinafter only identified by Quinta da Boavista) is the entity responsible for the processing of personal data of its customers and , regarding this matter, the following contact details must be used:
Quinta da Boavista - Empreendimentos Turísticos, SA
Urbanização Quinta da Boavista, Sítio da Atalaia, 8600-281, Lagos, Portugal
E-mail: dataprotection@boavistaresort.pt

2. What personal data does Quinta da Boavista handle?

Depending on the purpose of data collection and processing, Quinta da Boavista may process the following data: • Contacts, namely name, address, telephone number and email address;
• Demographic information, namely nationality, gender, age and linguistic preference;
• Information related to the accommodation program , such as the customer's number under this program and accommodation preferences;
• Information for payment of reservations and transactions, namely the credit card number;
• Information regarding the stay at our resort , such as personal data regarding additional guests on the reservation, arrival / departure date and time, information regarding the vehicle you may bring to our premises and other preferences;
• Information relating to events, such as names of participants and preferences relating to the event;
• Information on the tax identification number;
• Information submitted by jobseekers in our organization, such as name, address, nationality, telephone number, email address, date of birth, reasons for applying, interests, education, training as well as professional experience;
• Information regarding the social security number, marital status, tax residence and number of children of our employees, from which the personal data referred to in the previous point is also collected.

The conclusion of any contracts ( named, but not limited to, accommodation and golf reservations , promotion and holding of events, purchase of products and services ) implies the collection and processing of personal data . The same occurs with the collection and provision of information, access to content , login areas , registration on the website, request to send a newsletter or information about Quinta da Boavista's products and services.

We do not collect “sensitive” personal data related to religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, sexual life or genetic information, unless the data subject expressly consents to its processing for a specific purpose that is expressly communicated to them or by any other basis that legally permits its treatment.

We collect personal data relating to children under the age of 13 , such as name and date of birth, necessary to formalize the reservation, with the consent given or authorized by the holder of parental responsibilities. Never collect information directly from children under 1 3 years. Make sure that your children do not send personal data to us without your consent (including via electronic means). If this happens, you can request its deletion by contacting us for this purpose via email dataprotection@boavistaresort.pt.

When using our website we may collect other information, through tracking tools, such as cookies (please see our Cookies Policy), IP addresses, username , language, the region from which you access the site, preferences navigation, service preferences, logins, number of visits to the website.

3. For what purpose does Quinta da Boavista - Empreendimentos Turísticos, SA treat personal data and what is the legal basis?

Quinta da Boavista - Empreendimentos Turísticos, SA treats personal data in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR and complementary legislation for the following purposes:
a) Conclusion of a contract in which the holder of the data is part ( including the pre-contratua procedures ions ) ;
b) P estation , billing and collection services of Boavista trade;
c) G are and evaluation of the contractual relationship with the data subject;
d) r procedure espostas questions and suggestions d the data subject;
e) Registration of the data subject on the website;
f) Access in the restricted areas of the website;
g) One or more specific purposes for which the data subject has given its express consent, including information about new products and services , special offers and campaigns;
h) COMPLIANCE a legal obligation to which the Fifth Boavista is subject;
i) DEFENSE vital interests of the data subject or another single person;
j) Pursuing legitimate interests of Boavista or of third parties, unless prevalecere m the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject.

4. Who are the holders' data shared with?

a) The Boavista may transmit or communicate the personal data to other entities if such communication or communication is necessary for the contract established between the data subject and this company or pre-contractual steps at the request of the holder;
b) The Q uinta da Boavista may also share personal data in case of need to safeguard the legitimate interests of Quinta da Boavista or third parties ; as part of the fulfillment of a legal obligation, Quinta da Boavista is subject, or for the defense of vital interests of the data subject or another natural person;
c) With the exception of the entities mentioned above, there will only be sharing data with the express permission of the owner of the same or in case of dispute;
d) The Boavista may transmit or communicate the personal data to and ompanies Group for the purpose of marketing and sales, with the express consent of the data subject and companies that organize meetings and events in our facilities and to the extent strictly necessary for the organization of these meetings or events;
e) In the case of transactions related to the business. If the company buys, sells, restructures or reorganizes the business, in whole or in part, customer data may be transmitted as part of the business;

In all cases of data sharing with third parties, current legislation will be strictly enforced and every effort will be made to ensure that third parties use personal data in an appropriate manner, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

5. What are the rights of holders of personal data in relation to their processing?

According to the GDPR, the data subject has a set of rights, which are more detailed below, which Quinta da Boavista scrupulously undertakes to comply with: a) The right to information, under the terms defined in article 13º and 14º of the GDPR;
b) The right of access, under the terms defined in article 15º of the GDPR;
c) The right to rectify the data, under the terms defined in article 16º of the GDPR;
d) The right to erasure, under the terms defined in article 17º of the GDPR;
e) the right to limitation of treatment as defined in Article 18º the RGPD;
f) The right to data portability, under the terms defined in article 20º of the GDPR;
g) The right to object , under the terms defined in article 21º of the GDPR;
h) The right not to be subject to automated decisions, under the terms defined in article 22º of the GDPR;
i) The right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, under the terms defined in article 77º of the GDPR.

The data subject may at any time request Quinta da Boavista - Empreendimentos Turísticos, SA a copy of the consent he has granted.

The data subject may at any time revoke the consent given for the processing of his personal data, whenever the respective treatment is based solely on that consent.

The data subject can exercise any of the rights by emailing dataprotection@boavistaresort.pt .

6. Is the data subject obliged to provide personal data?

The data subject must provide the necessary personal data so that Quinta da Boavista can fulfill the contractual obligations to which it is attached or whenever the law requires Quinta da Boavista to collect such data . In the event that the data are not provided by the respective holder, Quinta da Boavista will not be required to conclude the contract or to maintain it or execute the order given, which may ultimately motivate its contractual termination by this company.

7. How are personal data protected?

Quinta da Boavista develops its best efforts to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, accidental or unlawful alterations , unauthorized disclosure or access. For this purpose, Quinta da Boavista adopted the appropriate technical and organizational measures, such as security systems, access control and other procedures aimed at such protection.

8. How long is personal data kept for?

The Boavista guard your personal information as long as necessary to fulfill contractual and legal obligations. As soon as the data becomes unnecessary to fulfill contractual or legal obligations, it will be deleted, unless additional processing is necessary .

• Personal data collected by means of a contract between Boavista and the data subject shall be kept by the twenty years I cherish from the date of the beginning of its term, because this is the period of limitation of correspetivos rights.
• Personal data that is used for billing will be kept for a maximum period of ten years , as this is the legally imposed.
• Personal data based on the consent of the respective holder will be kept for the period that such consent lasts.
• Credit card data will be kept until fifteen days after the departure date.
• In the event of a dispute, personal data will be kept until the end of six months after the decision has become final, if it occurs after the deadlines provided for in the preceding paragraphs.

9. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be revised from time to time. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consult it regularly, especially whenever you purchase a service from Quinta da Boavista. This policy was revised on February 23, 2010.

If you have other questions related to the privacy policy do not hesitate to contact us at the same addresses.

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